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There are the answers to a few questions that we are asked regularly at Big Panto Guide

If you have a question about submitting your production to Big Panto Guide see the Panto Submission FAQ

Can I book tickets for XXXXX pantomime please?
Sorry, but you cannot book pantomime tickets directly through Big Panto Guide. Where possible we include a website link where tickets can be booked.

When is the best time to submit my production?
The earlier the better. People begin searching this website for pantomines from August. Yes, that early. Submit your panto in July at the latest! Later than that and to be honest, you've missed the boat for that year - the Jolly Roger has sailed for you shipmate!

How can I audition for a pantomime?
We do not have any information on pantomime auditions on this website. If you wish to appear in a pantomime please contact theatres directly. It is also a good idea to keep a look out for auditions which are advertised in trade journals such as The Stage. The Stage also has a useful article on breaking into Panto.

We do share information about panto auditions on the Big Panto Guide Facebook Page.

Is my favourite actor/actress/soap star/reality TV show contestent/ex popstar etc playing in panto this year?
We list all the pantos that we know about! Try using our search facility, but if they're not on the site we really don't know what they are up to! You could try contacting their agent or management.

Panto Submission FAQ

How long will it take for my Panto be listed on Big Panto Guide?
All submissions are reviewed before they are added to our database to ensure that main listings remains child-friendly. Adult pantos are listed separately.

Between January to August the listings are updated monthly. From September to December our listings are updated weekly. So you may be lucky and your submission will be added the day you send it; then again you may be unlucky and send it the day after it has been updated and have to wait for a month. Who knows? How long is a piece of string?

How will I know if my submission has been rejected?
If your submission has been rejected you will not be contacted.

Why was my submission rejected?
The most common reason for a production being rejected is that the submission was written in all capitals, which means instant rejection. This is clearly stated on the submission page but people still do it. So if your submission was in all capitals, that's why it was rejected.

The other possible reason is that your submission was complete gibberish. Ocassionally a description is so poorly written and spelt that I don't want it on my website full stop. And neither do you.

Your description of the production is your chance to sell the show to potential audience. An illiterate listing for your show will not persuade people to come and see it. Write your description in good English and check the spelling before you hit the submit button.

Is your production listed on the Big Panto Guide?
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